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Turnover is costing your organization millions.

Burnout costs your organization $500k - $1 million+ per physician (AMA)

and up to $64k per nurse (RWJF).

The effects of burnout on healthcare system: 


  • Losing your best talent to turnover.

  • Difficulty attracting top-tier talent.

  • Siloing and lack of cross-departmental collaboration.

  • Slow-moving organizational projects due to misalignment and conflicting priorities

  • Lack of engagement of clinicians clinical leadership

  • Indirect costs related to malpractice risk and patient dissatisfaction as new talent catches up.


Not to mention executive fatigue from managing all of this! 

It’s time to...






your leadership.

But how? 

Bringing more clinicians to the decision-making table by strengthening clinician-executive dyad leadership is the first step.

The next question is...

Does your organization confidently implement a “well-oiled” dyad leadership?

As healthcare changes, developing a clinician-executive leadership model becomes crucial to the mission of delivering better care.

But when nearly half of healthcare providers think of quitting medicine, organizations struggle to elevate clinicians to leadership positions. 

You can distinguish your organization by...​

  1. Advancing clinical leadership as part of your executive team.

  2. Building a culture of engagement with clinical partners.

  3. Creating seamless succession plans.

  4. Fostering engagement through aligned strategies to lead the organization forward in this new future.

  5. Reducing turnover costs.


Healthcare organizations that invest in their leaders and clinicians see transformations in individuals, teams and the entire workplace culture.

At Let’s Lead, we believe a return on investment stems from a return on people.

The more you foster the personal and professional growth of your team, the more results you’ll see in the form of retention, collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

Investment in your people ultimately drives the bottom line. 

Leadership and wellbeing coaching offers a solution to the expensive problem of employee turnover while promoting a culture of balance and collaboration. ​

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more productive (Gallup)​

Physicians who receive coaching experience a 17% decrease in burnout and 60% increase in wellbeing (Vital Work Life)​

Companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable (Gallup)

Coaching decreases emotional exhaustion up to 19.5% (Mayo Clinic)​

How we help...

Preparing future leaders to transition from leadership at the bedside to leadership at the executive table is no small task.

Free discovery call

1 : 1 coaching

Intrinsic Motivation

Individual & Team Assessment







Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 2.21.51 PM.png




CEO, Let's Lead

Who is Let’s Lead?




COE, Let's Lead

Let’s Lead LLC is the brainchild of Jill Berry Bowen, RN, CEO, and Elisabeth Fontaine, M.D. As a former healthcare executive and former physician leader, respectively, we have felt the joys and disappointments of working in this field. 

Let’s Lead LLC provides leadership and wellbeing coaching through a provider / clinical executive lens.

Our programs bridge the gap between clinical experience and executive action by guiding this relationship through  




effective influence


team engagement management.

Everything we do strengthens your team and advances the collective good.  


We focus on leaders as whole individuals and help them leverage their unique qualities to create sustainable impact in their organization. ​

Staff / Supervisor / Manager

6 months

12 one-to-one sessions

Contact us for your pricing!

6 months


12 one-to-one sessions

Contact Us for pricing!

Contact us for your pricing!

Team Coaching / Organization

Practitioner / Director / VP / C-Suite

Eileen Whalen.jfif

Eileen Whalen, RN, Former President & COO University of Vermont Medical Center

The principals of Let's Lead are strong women leaders with years of experience coaching teams and communities. I highly recommend Let's Lead to strengthen your team and/or your community.

Erika Sundrud.jpg

 Erika Sundrud, MA, LSSMBB

While we are going through unprecedented changes in Healthcare and in our communities as a whole, there is no better time than now to work with Let’s Lead to enhance executive knowledge for strategic planning, visioning, operational understanding along with roles, responsibilities, and decision-making.

Jeffrey Tieman.jfif

Jeffrey Tieman,Former CEO Vermont Hospital Association

Through active listening, thoughtful suggestions, and an optimistic outlook, Let's Lead made the process fun and informative. With their own vast experience in leadership and management, they know the right questions to ask and the best ways to receive and impart information.

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