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Enough of 'Not Good Enough'.

Updated: May 7, 2021

Here at Let's Lead, we've had enough of 'Not Good Enough'. A quick question for you that I am encountering in my fascinating new work. Being a professional leadership transition advisor working with early careerists/practitioners and teams to accelerate work and life success has many learning, reflections, questions. The underlying theme: what is holding back life and work performance fulfilment, is this feeling of “not being enough”.

Where is this coming from?

Not pleasing a parent, a coach, a professor, a boss, a friend.

Something has stuck deeply in the mind from what could be years ago …the words, the experiences, the actions that shape us.

It has a grip so tight it is holding you back from imagining a better future. What are you seeing in your world? I know there is a lot of writing on this topic, and I cannot learn fast enough, yet translating this to the individual or team sitting with me is real right now.

Here is the question I would like your take on:

Do you see this notion of “not being good enough” impacting you, your team, your children?

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