Accelerate U!

Thrive at your first job.                                                     

              Advance your career. 


                               Make an impact fast.

   We work with individuals, parents, and organizations, combining our expertise to help early 

careerists maximize and accelerate their transitions in life and career.                           


                           We are Professional Transition Accelerators



The goal of any parent or executive is to get their students to shift from the student world to the working world. What makes it challenging for them is the changing ecosystems. They've existed in one optimized for a student and need to thrive in one optimized for the professional. It's in this transition that things can go awry. This is where we come in!  We do this through "Accelerate  U”!  A program that meets the needs of the whole person in life and work.

 Our Vision:  Vibrant healthy communities inspired by accomplished leaders.



"Accelerate U"  in Transition


*Early Careerists 

  • Transitioning from student ecosystem to work ecosystem 

  • Preparing for 1st career and future transitions 

  • Preventing Burnout - creating balance 

  • Finding your voice of influence in the decision-making room

  • Keeping the whole health picture well framed grounding your work and life journey

Accelerate U Program Includes:

Twelve 1:1 Coaching sessions

Intrinsic Motivational Assessment

In between session connections and resources


6 months package:

Active College Students: $1800

Practitioners/Early Careerists: $2400

Management/Executives: $3600


Accelerate Us!  



  • Creating high performing organizations leveraging diversity in team for results

  • Maximizing the power of generational diversity – Listening to, leading the next generation of talent

  • Engaging the team and goal alignment in organizations and across systems

  • Creating a collective vision for the future valuing all voices

  • Understanding and retaining future leaders 




Accelerate Us Program Includes: 

1:1 coaching 

Intrinsic Motivation Individual and Team Assessment

Team Coaching

Real time team problem resolution facilitation


Customized Pricing: 3 months; 6 months, 1 year Based on Size and Scope of Project

Accelerate Return (ROI):

Return on People (ROP)

Millennials will account  for 75% of  the world   labor force  by 2025 and they want change fast.   Only 15% of the total workforce is truly engaged.


*Creating Engagement with Coaching:

  • 71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success.

  • Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable with 41% lower absenteeism

  • Minimally, you lose in general $5,000 each time employee walks out the door​​(Catalyst Research Nov. 2019)

*Investing in Coaching:

  • Improved executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives)

  • Improvements in organizational strengths (48%)

  • Gains in customer service (39%)

  • Increased retention of executives (32%)

  • Enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships (>70%)

  • Improved teamwork (67%)

  • Improved peer-to-peer working relationships (63%)                                (Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D., MetrixGlobal, LLC)

A minimal investment in students and early careerists with Accelerated Return!

From the Blog


"As a previous hospital CEO at two academic medical centers I know the value of mentoring and developing strong leaders. The CEO sets the culture among leadership teams and should lead by example. I personally have benefited tremendously from executive coaching and highly recommend the team at Lets Lead. So frequently organizations approach executive coaching when the behaviors exhibited are unacceptable and require redirection. Frequently this is one step away from separation. This is such a shame as all of us need help reaching our personal best. When bringing on a new dyad for example CNO and CMO, I recommend utilizing the same coach to work individually with each leader and then coach them as a team. This approach can lead to deeper appreciation of each individual’s strengths and forge a stronger leadership dyad.


The principals of Lets Lead are strong women leaders with years of experience coaching teams and communities. I highly recommend Lets Lead to strengthen your team and or your community."

Eileen Whalen, Former President and COO University of Vermont Medical Center 


The time is now to "Accelerate U" and your future.  First getting to know you session is free! Then priceless to discover the best you.