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How do you show up?

The Answer?

Leadership Ready.

First impressions make a long lasting impact.

Our success is based less upon degrees and talent, and more upon people skills, self awareness and a keen understanding of professional etiquette.

How do you show up for an interview, a class, a job, a meeting?

Your self awareness and self control in how you present to and impact others is called emotional intelligence.

Here are a few tips:

Be positive and transmit this energy to others.

Be part of the solution not the complainer blamer.

Be present: if you are attending online, turn on your video.

Be on time: send the message to others that their time is valuable.

Be humble and learn from mistakes: life success is framed with a constant state of learning.

Turn off and flip over your phone.

Heads up, phones down. Respect is giving your full attention.

Act with kindness.

Listen; everyone wants to be heard.

Be honest.

Use please and thank you.

Dress like your mother is watching.

What will show up if I google you?

You have one chance to make a good first impression.

People remember less the words you speak and remember more about how you made them feel.

When someone approaches you and says “I remember you…..” what do you want their next line to be?

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