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The Road Less Traveled: Well Care

Once upon a life, I felt the magic of wanting to be present in a health system where I could make an impact on the wellbeing of society. This journey started with community health engagement, then as a nurse, then in leadership seats that can make more of an impact at the decision-making table: Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer.

What a roadmap! From a healthcare dream to eventually facing the reality of leading in a 'sick-care' nightmare. What an evolution on this over-paved road. It's a road we all get lost on, facing the reality of the complexity and cost of 'sick-care'.

It is with humility and wisdom that I have continuously attempted to reconnect the leader that I am to the health and wellbeing of our communities. My struggle with my sense of failure created the urgency to take the road less traveled to a new destination: well-care.

The bottom line is: we spend a slight 4% of healthcare dollars on prevention (and 88% on sick medical care) when healthy behaviors and healthy environments make up 70% of the impact.

What is holding us back from investing in what makes the greatest difference?

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